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Founder of Martial Journeys of Madison

Master Gretchen Carlson

4th Degree Blackbelt

Master Gretchen Carlson is a 4th degree black belt in Kang Duk Won taekwondo, a two-time silver medalist on the national level, and has taught martial arts since 2007. She has also lived and trained in Korea, where she experienced the very traditional and the very modern sides of taekwondo in the birthplace of the art, with some of the most accomplished taekwondo practitioners in the world. Her martial arts blog, Martial Journeys, has gained an international following after being featured in Practical Karate Weekly. After an extensive competition career, her primary focus is now on teaching and sharing her unique experiences with students of all ages and backgrounds. When she’s not teaching at Martial Journeys of Madison, she works on the 50 States Challenge, a project to visit martial arts schools in all 50 states to learn, teach, and support charitable causes.