Martial Arts with Integrity



At-Home Training #2


Hope everybody enjoyed the last lesson! If class weren’t canceled today it would be a technique class. See if you can do this:

Try this with front kicks and roundhouse kicks:

  • 10 front leg
  • 10 back leg
  • 10 skipping (if you have room)
  • 10 lunges, and when you come out of lunge, kick!
  • switch feet and do them all again!

Overachievers: Follow up each kick with another kick or a hand technique, so that you never throw one kick by itself.

Next, try this with front kicks, roundhouse kicks and side kicks:

  • Set a timer for 30 seconds and kick as FAST as you can, count how many you did.
  • Set a timer for 30 seconds and kick as SLOWLY as you can, count how many you did.
  • Switch feet and do them all again!

Overachievers: Set the timer again and kick as slowly as you can with back kicks, spin hook kicks, or spin crescent kicks. GOOD LUCK!


At-Home Training #1


I know I’m not the only one disappointed that we’re not having class tonight. If you want to have some martial arts at home tonight, here’s something you can do instead.

The subject for the day was supposed to be Master Carlson’s Grab Bag of Doom. For this lesson, we’ll explore the history and culture where taekwondo comes from.

See if you can do the following:

Part 1:

Take 15 minutes and learn to read Korean. Now you can read the crazy squiggles on belts and uniforms and rank certificates! See if you can write your name, or see if you can read these words:

Overachievers: Give this podcast a listen.

Part 2:

Take 1 1/2 minutes and take a look around the Taekwondo Museum in Seoul, Korea. If you pause at 29 seconds, you can see nine bronze plates on the right half of the display. Those show the emblems of each of the original nine kwans, the original taekwondo schools that joined forces to create Kukkiwon, the official governing body of taekwondo. The one right smack in the center is Kang Duk Won, which is the kwan that you are training in today. Here’s a better look at it:

Overachievers: Learn a little about the larger facility. It looks like the videos are broken, but they aren’t. They’ll load if you click on them, and you can see Korea’s national taekwondo demonstration team doing a very flashy performance.

Part 3:

You’re probably ready to move around by now. Most of you have a jegi already, but if you don’t, you can make one really easily. Take it outside! Start with some jegi chagi (the warm up exercise) to get your hips ready to move. Then try some traditional jegi games.

Overachievers: Try hitting it with your taekwondo techniques. Try everything–punches, ridge hands, roundhouse kicks, side kicks, spin hook kicks, or whatever else you can think of.

Have fun, and let me know how it goes!