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  • Episode 34: The Gap Between Martial Arts and Real Violence

    Perception of violence doesn’t always line up with the reality of violence. Here are some thoughts about how what that means for us as martial artists. Please subscribe in iTunes or on Android! Twisted Tea videoMeditations on Violence by Rory Miller

  • Episode 27: Self Defense Myths

    12 myths about practical self defense that I’ve heard from other martial artists, and why I think they’re bull. Please subscribe in iTunes or on Android! Episode 8: The Bare Minimum Martial Artists Should Know about Sexual Assault Episode 10: The Stranger Danger Problem When Parents Aren’t Around by Jamie Clubb An excellent deep dive into…

  • Episode 25: Training is an Engineering Problem

    How an engineer’s mindset can help us get the most out of our training. Please subscribe in iTunes or on Android! Apollo 13 movie and real events. The Last Lecture book and video by Randy Pausch.